Ogives 7mm .284 175 gr ELD-X® x 100 Hornady


Weapon category Ammunition Element C
Conditioning 100
Diameter .284″
Brand Hornady
Projectile weight (grains) 175
Projectile weight (grams) 11.34
Ball type ELD-X™ Extremely Low Drag eXpanding
Section density .310
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The ELD-X (Extremely Low Drag – eXpanding) projectile is the most technologically advanced bullet, it has match level precision, it is suitable for all shooting and hunting distances, thanks to its very high ballistic coefficient (CB ), it has a controlled expansion at all hunting distances.

All conventional polymer inserts in high CB cartridges melt during flight. Hornady engineers therefore discovered that the classic insert of high CB cartridges melts and deforms. Despite everything, this does not have a significant impact on hunting or varmint bullets with medium CB, aerodynamic heating begins to reduce and degrade CB and accuracy over long distances (365+ meters). To counter this phenomenon, Hornady has identified a heat-resistant polymer and developed a patented Heat Shield insert. This new revolutionary insert allows you to create the perfect flat surface with exceptional consistency from bale to bale and batch to batch.

At conventional distances (0-365m), the ELD-X bullet is designed for continuous expansion in the penetration cone. On impact, the thin section of the tip mushrooms up to the Interlock ring, making it possible to hold the liner and the core together. The undeformed rear portion of the bullet allows continued penetration for extreme lethality.

Best ballistic coefficient
Verified by a Doppler radar, the Heat Shield insert resists aerodynamic heating without deforming and thus maintains the highest CB throughout the trajectory.

Hunting bullet with Match precision
Its intersecting ogive design with its receding rear + its highly concentric jacket + the patented Heat Shield polymer insert are the perfect combination for radically superior aerodynamic efficiency.

High efficiency over conventional distances
With a high velocity at impact, from 0 to 365 meters, the bullet continues to expand after penetration. The thickness of its liner and the InterLock® ring ensure the cohesion of the core and the liner to achieve 50-60% weight retention.

The best long distance terminal performance
With low velocities at impact, 365+ yards, the Heat Shield polymer insert sinks into the bullet to initiate expansion. The bullet penetrates deeply creating a large cavity, thanks to its controlled expansion and weight retention of around 85-90%.


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